Yoga improves quality of life, cardiovascular function in heart failure patients

Adults with HF on optimized guideline-directed medical therapy had improvements in quality of life measures and functional status after participating in a yoga therapy program for 1 year, researchers reported.

“This study proves that the addition of yoga therapy to standard medical management of heart failure leads to an improvement in left ventricular systolic function and quality of life in heart failure patients,” Singh said in the release. “Hence, yoga therapy may improve physical well-being and left ventricular function among heart failure patients on guideline-directed optimal medical therapy.”

Yoga-based intervention benefits patients with head and neck cancer

A yoga-based intervention provided beneficial supportive care among a cohort of patients undergoing radiotherapy for head and neck cancer and their caregivers, according to study results.

The findings — presented during ASCO Quality Care Symposium — specifically showed improvements in physical function and nutrition intake among those assigned the yoga-based intervention vs. those assigned usual care.

Yoga intervention significantly reduced stigma of epilepsy, improved quality of life

This randomized controlled trial aimed to investigate if yoga and psychoeducation were effective in reducing felt stigma (primary outcome), neuropsychiatric outcomes and seizure frequency, as compared to sham yoga and psychoeducation in persons with epilepsy.

“Yoga therapy significantly reduced the felt stigma of epilepsy along with improving anxiety and quality of life at 6 months…”

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